Monday, June 28, 2010

Kam Snaps

I have been meaning to make a few diaper covers for DS but he's getting adept at taking his Aplix diapers off and putting snaps on seemed like a difficult feat. But then I heard about Kam Snaps - they have a traditional press which is still pretty pricey although not as much as other places, but they also make pliers that do the same thing and are much less expensive.

Last week I ordered myself the pliers which came with 400 snaps - I chose natural, blue-green, and silver colored and they also came with smaller size 16 white snaps. It took me a week to find time to use it but since two days ago I've been snapping things left and right :)

Now for the diaper cover - I made a template for the snaps and I'm posting it here for people who want to use it instead of using a pen and paper and ruler to make their own... use it freely but please attribute if you plan on posting it elsewhere. :)

I will post a pic of the finished cover whenever I get to finish it.

There are actually two giveaways currently for some GCs to KamSnaps and they can be found on the Makin' It blog and on the Dirty Diaper Laundry blog. Both have great reviews and helpful hints on how to use the pliers and they are so much more accessible than I ever thought!


  1. Thank you! I just got my Kamsnaps order today--made my first side-snap diaper and this is really handy! I've never used a snap plier before and needed the encouragement! I appreciate your Organic Mama Squirrel-ness! :)

  2. This is really great but as someone that hasn't made diapers yet I have a crazy question. Are the top two rows for the diaper and the bottom two rows that has three snaps each row for the lap over piece.

  3. sewcute - yes, the top two are for the front of the diaper and the bottom two are for the flaps
    (although they are redundant since you can use the top template for that as well)

    the group of 4 is meant to go together, and the group of 2 are their own - depending on whether you want two snaps or 4 on each flap - maybe i should have made this a bit clearer

    I will actually post a tutorial soon - as soon as I get a chance to finish the diaper cover i'm making :)

  4. This was just what I was looking for, thanks!

    I'm converting all my 3.0s to snaps and I wanted them to match the 4.0 snaps I have, so I just printed this template on a horizontal page (margins removed) and enlarged to 180%! The last four snaps go off the edge of the page, but the 4.0s only have 20 snaps, so matches perfectly, with 1" from the center of one snap to the center of the next!

    Thanks for saving me a TON of work! :)