Thursday, June 24, 2010

First iPhone post-audiobooks

We are on our way to Jersey for vacation and what better time to do some blogging. DS is sleeping like... Well.. A baby. DH is listening to audio books -his new favorite way to entertain himself. And I have a bunch of crafts I can be working on but figured it would be nice to figure our how easy it is to blog on the go. I downloaded bloglite but suspect there are better apps for this. Any suggestions?

Anyway, so audio books are great, hubby has 'read' a dozen by now I think. It's great for when he has to take the baby for a walk. Plus he doesn't like reading so listening to a book is a great way to get him to actually read somethig new! He's tried to get me into it but somehow I hvrnt found too much time. I listened to Malcolm gladwell's "outliers" though in the first 2 months after DS was born and I spent practially all day breastfeeding, great way to pass the time. Plus maybe he learned something :)

Ad for the books themselves, audible is great for getting them, DH got the 24 book subscription and has been wittling away at it for about a month now! It's all he wants for his bday - audible credits hehe

Anyone else been using audible and find that it's great for multitaskig with a baby?

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